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Letter from the Chairman…

We need your help!  We have enjoyed significant victories over the past few years, but an active legislative defense requires us to support those candidates who support the trucking industry and our issues.  In doing so, we have depleted our PAC account. 

This year, LMTA has requested at least two pieces of legislation to protect the trucking industry from onerous regulations and aggressive fines.  We also anticipate legislation to increase fees and taxes that will take an aggressive defense on our part.

As such, we desperately need your support so that we can attend fundraisers for members of the legislature and statewide elected officials to tell our story. Your contribution to TransPac really does make a difference!

To show your support of the efforts made on your behalf by the LMTA, please forward your check payable to TransPac at your earliest opportunity. 

If you would like more information on TransPac, please feel free to contact us or Cathy Gautreaux at the LMTA office at (225) 928-5682 or email her at cathy.gautreaux@louisianatrucking.com.

Only with your help can we continue to be successful in the government affairs arena.

A proud member of LMTA,

Martin Frisard                                                   

Frisard’s Trucking Company                             

TransPac President    




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