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Safety Management Council

A very active group within the Louisiana Motor Transport Association, Inc. is its Safety Management Council. The Safety Management Council is a distinguished group of safety professionals that strive to promote safety on the highways and enhance the public concept of the trucking industry.

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One of the Council’s most effective programs is the Cooperative Safety Patrol Observation program. Through this program, Council members not only monitor the operation of their own equipment on the streets and highways, but also observe the operation of other companies’ drivers and the condition of their equipment. Observation reports are completed and forwarded to carrier management to provide information on driver behavior and equipment condition as it is seen on the roadways.

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Council members work very closely with state officials such as the Louisiana State Police, Department of Transportation, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in conducting monthly courtesy vehicle inspections that are held at various weigh scales throughout the state. Through this program, the Council hopes to improve the public opinion of the trucking industry in the state, as well as promote safety on the roads.

One of the biggest and most important events sponsored by the Council is the Annual Truck Driving Championships, held each spring to recognize the state’s top drivers and select participants for national competition. Drivers compete according to class of equipment in a written examination, a personal interview, a vehicle inspection, and a precision driving test.

The highlight of the Championships is the Safety Awards Banquet held the night of the competition. Winners in each class of competition are honored and presented awards, along with recipients of other award programs sponsored by the council, such as Driver of the Year, Safety Professional of the Year, and the Trailmobile Fleet Safety Award Program.

Through the dedication and efforts of these safety professionals, LMTA has received one of the American Trucking Associations’ highest awards for excellence in promoting highway safety for thirty consecutive years.

Safety Management Council Activities…

Truck Driving Championships.
The LMTA Truck Driving Championships is an event in which member company truck drivers with outstanding driving records compete in nine classes of competition to represent Louisiana on the National Level. The nine classes include: Straight Truck, 3-Axle Van, 4-Axle Van, 5-Axle Van, 5-Axle Tank, 5-Axle Flatbed, 5-Axle Sleeper, Twin Trailers and Step-Van. Competition consists of a written test, pre-trip inspection and obstacle course. Trophies are awarded to the first, second and third place winners in each category. Winners at the state level are honored at the Annual Safety Banquet following the competition. Also awarded are a Mechanics Award, Rookie of the Year, Team Award and overall Grand Champion. This event is held in Baton Rouge in the spring. First place winners in each class go on to represent Louisiana in the national competitions.
Safety Management Council volunteers handle the entire event from planning to judging the various areas of competition. Chairmen and volunteers are needed in the following areas:

  • Equipment – Trucking companies are contacted and asked to donate the use of their equipment for use on the obstacle course and for the pre-trip inspection.
  • Hostler – Council members and their staff volunteer to move the equipment so that the event runs smoothly. Drivers’s equipment is ready and waiting for them at the starting line of the obstacle course.
  • Audio Equipment – Each driver is introduced at the start of his turn on the obstacle course. In order for this information to be broadcast, we rely on the generosity of our members to allow us to use their audio equipment.
  • Written Examination – Questions for the written exam are taken from ATA’s Facts for Drivers which provides information on reguklatison, legislation and laws.  They then monitor the group as they take the test.
  • Pre-Trip Inspection – Council members plan and “plant” the problems that participants are to identify in the pre-trip inspection portion of the competition. Then they along with members of the State Police, Weight Enforcement and FMCSA Office of Motor Vehicles judge the pre-trip portion of the competition.
  • Obstacle Course – Weeks before the actual competition, council members are hard at work developing the actual problems for the obstacle course. Then on the day before the event, they meet to discuss any last minute adjustments and head out to actually lay out the course by marking the problems and setting up any special equipment that may be used.
  • Score Tabulation – As the scores from each section of the competition are completed, they are handed off to members of the LMTA staff and various volunteers who tabulate the totals and determine the winners in each category.

2016 LMTA Truck Driving Championships
March 18-19, 2016 | Renaissance Hotel | Blue Bayou Water Park | Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Courtesy Vehicle Inspections.
The LMTA Safety Management Council conducts regular courtesy vehicle inspections at weigh stations throughout the state. These are usually held on the fourth Thursday of the month. Council members meet for breakfast, safety talks and networking before proceeding to the scales. Representatives from the Louisiana State Police – Transportation and Environmental Safety Section as well as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Office of Motor Carriers are invited to participate in these inspections. The inspections are strictly voluntary and formal violation citations are not issued.

SAFETY PROGRAMS:  The following Safety Programs are held in conjunction with the Truck Driving Championships:

Driver of the Year.
     The Driver of the Year program is designed to recognize outstanding professional drivers based on their background, number of accident free driving years, and total years experience. The basis of the nomination is that the driver has a long record of safe and courteous driving, made an outstanding contribution to highway safety, and/or performed an outstanding deed of heroism or highway courtesy.
     The Driver of the Year is recognized at the Safety Banquet following the Truck Driving Championships and is invited as our guest to attend the LMTA Annual Convention to be recognized by the LMTA Officers, Board of Directors and general membership.
     Past Driver’s of the Year include – David Chauvin, Jobbers Oil; Murphy Grimes, Texaco Crude Oil; James Robert, Sr., Consolidated Motor Freight; James Wilson, Fogleman Truck Line; James Soileau, Dupre’ Transport; Judith Duffell, Hercules Transport; Arthur Jackson, Saia Motor Freight Line; Albert Breashears, Fuelman (K&P Fuel); Monty Lantier, Hercules Transport; Ronald LaFleur, Dupre’ Transport; Lawrence B. Artigue, AAA Cooper Transportation; Dan Pereira, Brookshire Grocery Company; Danny Willett, Wal-Mart Transportation; Myron Randall, Roadway Express; Marvin Fontenot, Roadway Express; Roger Holland, Areopres Corp.; Gary Tyler, Brookshure Grocery Co.; Gerald Bonin, Wel-mart Transportation; Stacy Sansom, YRC; Marco Becerra, Con-way Freightr and Ricky Lopez, AAA Cooper Transportation.

Safety Professional of the Year.
     The Safety Professional of the Year program is designed to recognize the safety professional among our members who has exhibited outstanding support in the safety field. The objective of this program is to award the motor carrier safety professional who, by virtue of their knowledge, experience, contribution, dedication, and effectiveness in the safety field is most outstanding.
     The Safety Professional of the Year is recognized at the Safety Banquet following the Truck Driving Championships and is invited as our guest to attend the LMTA Annual Convention to be recognized by the LMTA Officers, Board of Directors and general membership.
     Past Safety Professional’s of the Year include – Boots Feltenberger, SuperValu; David Guillot, Saia Motor Freight Line; Al LaCombe, Dupre’ Transport; Art Lonberger, Saia Motor Freight Line; Dusty Raesch, Fogleman Truck Line; Jim Eaton, Consolidated Freightways; Jack Buck, Ryder System; Al McGee, Safeway Transportation; Jesse Theriot, Venture Transport; Anthony Guillory, Dupre’ Transpor;, Glenn Dunbar, American Freightways; Ellis Vliet, Nichols Construction Company; Jack Pinerio, Boasso American Corporation; Scott Reed, Wal-Mart Transportation; Tom Brown, Hydro-Walk Energy, Inc.; Allen Harrison, Wal-mart Transportation; Ronnie Bonstaff, Venture Transport Logisticsl; Lonnie Bennett, Con-way Freight and Karl Geist, Steve Kent Trucking.

LMTA Fleet Safety Program.
     The LMTA Fleet Safety Program is a program designed to recognize carriers based on their safety records. There are four mileage classes awarded. These awards are one of the best public relations tools available! The objective of this program is to recognize trucking companies with the best overall safety record in the state and the professional efforts that make truck drivers safe drivers. It offers a chance for you to let your drivers know the importance of their daily contribution to your company’s safety accomplishments. The LMTA Fleet Safety Awards are presented at the LMTA Safety Banquet following the Truck Driving Championships.

Information required for the Safety Awards Program includes:

  1. Reports showing mileage and total number of accidents.
  2. Insurance verification (certificate of insurance or letter from your carrier on their letterhead).
  3. A complete description of your safety program.
  4. The number of drivers employed.

LMTA State Police and Weight Enforcement Officers of the Year.
     LMTA also recognizes the Louisiana Motor Carrier Trooper and Weights and Standards Officer of the Year. There is one individual recognized in each section for each Region of the Louisiana State Police command that is also a candidate for the statewide award. From the three regional winners in both categories, an Officer of the Year is selected.

ATA State Recognition Program.
     The ATA State Recognition Program was designed to provide recognition to state trucking associations affiliated with ATA for safety activities conducted for their membership and for other highway users in their state.
     The program recognizes safety activities of the State Association including but not limited to those of its Safety Management Council and safety committees.
LMTA has received the highest award that a state can get, the Summa Cum Laude Award, for the past 30 years.

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.
     National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW) brings together the varied elements of the trucking industry in a weeklong celebration of the industry’s most valuable asset – safe, professional drivers. The cornerstone of America’s shipping is the professional truck driver. Yearly, more than three million truck drivers nationwide hauled more that 80 % of the nation’s freight bill, traveling nearly 200 billion miles in the process! This weeklong event begins with the ATA’s National Truck Driving Championships Awards Banquet on Saturday of the National Truck Driving Championships and runs for one week. Trucking Companies and local communities everywhere celebrate NTDAW by planning events to honor America’s truck driving professionals.
     Each year the LMTA Safety Management Council plans and executes and event to honor our nations truck drivers during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week along with participants from the Louisiana State Police, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission. Special gift packets are given out to truck drivers and refreshments and safety literature are available to all visitors to this event.

Education and Training. 
     Regularly LMTA sponsors education and training seminars on topics of interest to the trucking industry. Some of the seminar topics include: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, Level I and Level II Vehicle Inspections, How to Survive a DOT Audit, Log Books and Hours of Service. LMTA also co-sponsors seminars with J.J. Keller throughout the state on timely topics.

Cooperative Safety Patrol Observation Reports.
     When joining the LMTA Safety Management Council, each member receives a certification card with their official Safety Management Council number listed on it along with a supply of Cooperative Safety Patrol Observation report forms. Through this program Council members not only monitor the operation of their own equipment on the highway but also observe the actions of other drivers and the condition of their equipment. These reports are forwarded to carrier management to provide information on driver behavior and equipment condition as it is seen on the road. Each report completed and returned to the LMTA office will be credited to that members efforts in receiving the LMTA “Outstanding Safety Management Council Member” award which will be presented at the LMTA Safety Awards Banquet held following the Truck Driving Championships. See report form sent separately.

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Video Library.
     Available only to members of the Safety Management Council, LMTA has developed a video library containing over 100 videos on subjects ranging from drug testing to driver training. Council members are allowed use of the videos for 14 working days at no charge.

LMTA Outstanding Safety Management Council Member Award.
     Members of the LMTA Safety Management Council are eligible to receive the LMTA Outstanding Safety Management Council Member Award. In order to earn this prestigious award, a council member must:

  • Attend at least one regular Safety Management Council meeting
  • Participate in at least three vehicle inspections
  • Complete at least twenty-five Cooperative Safety Patrol Observation Reports
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