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2015 Regular Legislative Session Update…


The 2015 Louisiana Regular Legislative Session was a fiscal-only session, and the state’s budget problems completely dominated legislative activity. Special thanks to all of you who answered our call for help to protect the trucking industry during this chaotic session. The following are the most significant pieces of legislation that impacted the trucking industry during the 2015 Legislative Session:


  • Warranty Repair. (SB 243) For the second year in a row, we were able to protect a motor carrier’s right to enter into a contract or agreement with a vehicle manufacturer to repair their equipment without additional state restrictions or regulations impacting that relationship. There is a specific exemption for vehicles used to transport goods, products and freight in interstate or intrastate commerce.  We fought really hard for this provision.

  • Haz-Mat Task Force. (HCR 158) After filing legislation (HB 469) to impose the federal standards on the “Right to Know” program and hazardous materials enforcement and penalties, we agreed to defer the legislation. Instead, we will participate on a task force to examine the hazardous materials enforcement in Louisiana and make recommendations on changes to the program before the next legislative session.

  • Permits to Sell. (HB 833/HB 445) After funding for the State Police from the Highway Trust Fund was significantly reduced, legislation was introduced to increase the cost of certificates of title, salvage titles and permits to sell by $50 each.  On behalf of our towing members, we were able to keep the cost of permits to sell to the current price of $15.

  • Waste Tire Fees. (HB 476) We were successful in preventing an increase in the waste tire fees on medium truck tires that was amended onto a bill at the end of the session. The overall program and the fee schedule will be discussed by the Waste Tire Task Force, of which LMTA is a member, and recommendations will be made to the 2016 legislature.

Now that the legislative session is over, the election season begins with all statewide elected officials and the entire Legislature up for primary elections October 24 and a runoff, if necessary, November 21.



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