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CDL HM Fingerprinting Update
Here are the latest interpretations and developments with the CDL-HM fingerprinting program from the Office of Motor Vehicles:

  • The TSA eliminated the requirement that a “driver must successfully complete the hazmat written test prior to being fingerprinted.” This means a driver applicant from one of the 34 participating states, can make application in another participating state, without taking the written test in his/her home state and be fingerprinted, and then when they receive the approval letter from the TSA they can return to their home state to complete the written test and have the endorsement put on their CDL. Of course the applicant will have to show the two forms of acceptable identification before they can be printed.
  • The Office of Motor Vehicles has been informed by IBT/TSA that drivers must have either a CDL license or CDL permit in order to apply for the finger-printing. For Louisiana drivers with Louisiana licenses, this is no problem. However, if a driver comes in from out-of-state and begins his application for CDL, he/she will NOT be allowed to be finger-printed unless he first obtains a Louisiana license. Any request that goes through IBT/TSA will be returned to the state where the driver currently holds a license (personal or CDL) and not where the driver plans to be licensed. If an out-of-state driver is applying for Louisiana CDL with hazmat, he/she must first obtain some kind of Louisiana driver’s license. This is only for drivers who want the hazmat endorsement.

As a result of LMTA’s efforts, the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) Headquarters sent out the following bulletin (in italics below) to all of their field offices. Some of the offices were refusing to renew existing CDLs with a haz-mat endorsement without being fingerprinted. It has also been clarified that drivers transferring to Louisiana with an existing endorsement from another state do not have to wait to renew his license. If you have any problems, please let us know.

  • Any driver who currently HAS a hazmat endorsement (H or X) is NOT required to be fingerprinted.
  • If he has a Louisiana CDL with a hazmat endorsement, he can RENEW or upgrade with that hazmat endorsement until May 31, 2005.
  • After May 31, 2005 the fingerprints will be required for Renewals.
  • If the driver has a current out of state CDL with a hazmat endorsement and is trying to change-state-of-record to Louisiana: He does NOT need to be fingerprinted. This is considered a RENEWAL. Contact the help desk for instructions in processing.
  • We are encouraging drivers with hazmat endorsements who expire within 180 days to come in and renew early and AVOID the fingerprint requirement. Please be advised that they can RENEW with the endorsement if they already have it!

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the CDL Help Desk at (225) 925-4195 and/or call the LMTA Office.

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