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If you have not had an opportunity to visit the LMTA office in Baton Rouge, or if you have not attended an LMTA sponsored function and had a chance to meet the LMTA staff members, here’s your opportunity …

Cathy 26 FinalCathy F. Gautreaux, who has been on the LMTA staff for thirty-one years, has served as the Executive Director for the past twenty-eight years.  She is active on numerous boards and committees on a state and national level and serves as a liaison with various regulatory agencies as LMTA’s official representative.

Ms. Gautreaux represents LMTA during all legislative sessions as a registered lobbyist. Throughout the year she also offers technical support and advice to members. She serves as the editor of the Association’s OPEN ROAD newsletter, weekly TRUCK TALK and LEGISLATIVE BULLETIN while handling all aspects of management of the Association.

Cathy Gautreaux is a past national Chairman of the Trucking Association Executives’ Council (TAEC), which is comprised of staff executives of state trucking associations and conferences affiliated with the American Trucking Associations (ATA) and received the ATA Vice President’s TAEC Leadership Award in 2012.
Email: cathy.gautreaux@louisianatrucking.com

Dana 33 FinalDana P. Weidman serves in the administrative services capacity on the LMTA staff.  She is in her twenty-third year of service with the Association.  As the LMTA Office Manager, she oversees the monthly accounting procedures, payroll and various tax reports and assists in budget preparation.  She also serves as the coordinator of the LMTA Safety Management Council.

Dana supervises the LMTA staff and works closely with the various planning committees.  She also assists with publications, member services, program development and annual convention and meeting coordination.
Email: dana.weidman@louisianatrucking.com

LMTA Reception & Members Services:  Email:  lmta@louisianatrucking.com

LMTA Accounting:  Email:  accounting@louisianatrucking.com


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